Briana Bosworth is a Midwest born photographer who attended the Kansas City Art Institute and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography in 2014. She currently works at the photo studios of Hallmark as a photography and stylist assistant and co-stylist. While shooting for personal projects on the side, she is also a member of the Kansas City local photography collective, Archive Collective and co-founder of The Red Lady Gallery located in the west bottoms.




“Photographs don’t only show us things, they do things. They engage us optically, neurologically, intellectually, emotionally, viscerally, physically. They demand our scrutiny and interpretation. Photographs seduce and motivate us; they promote ideas, embed values, and shape public opinion. We look at certain photographs because they calm or excite us. Others solve problems or create them, empower or demean us. Photographs may foster empathy, but can be equally effective at distancing us from whatever they depict.”

—Marvin Heiferman, Photography Changes Everything



Archive Collective is a Kansas City based photography collective. Our goal is to celebrate and contribute to the democracy, versatility, and ever evolving critical discourse of photography and lens-based media, while simultaneously securing its place within a broader Kansas City arts community.



Briana Bosworth  /  Megan Pobywajlo  /  Max Wagner  /  Casey Holden  /  Brandon Frederick  /  Alec Smith



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In the 1900's, The Red Lady Gallery was the U.S. Postal Office: Station A of the West Bottoms when the West Bottoms of Kansas City were flourishing. Quite some times passed before the 3,000sqft space was converted into a gallery space while co-exising as living space for residents. This allowed The RLG to be a casual gallery space with an inviting atmosphere that encouraged conversations about typical art viewing experiences with how one relates to the idea of home. The gallery lastly known as The Red Lady Gallery was opened in May of 2014 and closed in November 2016. The building is currently being renovated into apartments.



co-founder & curators  /   Briana Bosworth & Casey Holden

owner  /  Benjamin Carlson